Looking for work? We can help you!

As you might have heard, Hastings is known as the work capitol of New Zealand with over 80,000 harvest related jobs available from October – June. At the height of the apple picking season (February – May) there are over 50,000 positions to be filled and tourists holding a working holiday visa make up a considerable number of them.

The owner of the Rotten Apple has established great working relationships with orchard owners and contractors in the surrounding area which will guarantee work for a large number of backpackers throughout the year.

Before you start work, you need the following :

  • Valid Work Permit
  • NZ Bank
  • Account IRD Number

Picking, packing, pruning

Apple picking is not an easy job but a good work ethic can mean that you make good money. An alternative to working in the orchards is getting involved with the next stage of the apples’ journey which is packing the fruit. This is indoor work and guarantees you an hourly wage and, unlike fruit picking, is not impacted by bad weather.

There are also a number of other positions that can be filled by backpackers which include picking other fruits (kiwis, blueberries, grapes etc).
Outside of summer, the amount of seasonal work available is more limited although there are a large number of vineyards which will need employees for pruning the grape vines.

In the summer it is possible to work for a few weeks where as pruning demands slightly longer commitment as vineyard owners spend time training you. As with all seasonal work, once you have gained experience, you will work more efficiently and earn better money so stick at it!

Looking for work? We can help you!

If you have a car, that is definitely a bonus as it will open up more opportunities to you but if your job is not within walking distance, the Rotten Apple will help provide transportation to get you to your location.

Staff at the Rotten Apple will also provide advice and assistance in obtaining your bank account and IRD number. We are within walking distance of all of NZ’s major banks and the PickNZ office which can facilitate you receiving your IRD number within 24hrs for a $10 fee.

DID YOU KNOW that the New Zealand government will issue an extension to your working holiday permit if you have undertaken 3 months or more of seasonal work in the horticulture or viticulture industry during your working holiday?

For more information and to see if you qualify, click on the following link Working Holidaymaker extension permit

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